Homemade Reading Practice Kit for Homework

Parents, are you worried that kids will forget what they learned in school during summer. Here's an easy, inexpensive alternative to tutoring: learning reinforcement kits. Make these kits and keep them in the car for quick refreshers during car rides.

You will need:

-recycled shoe box
-two dice
-deck of playing cards with face cards removed (great way to recycle those decks of playing cards that are missing cards)
-letter tiles or beads
-assortment of game playing pieces, marbles, milk rings, bread tags, twist ties. You will need ten each of 3 different colors. These are used for borrowing and carrying practice. The different colors represent place values (ones, tens, hundreds)
-two pencils
-box of crayons, colored pencils or markers
-cheap notebook ($.10 each at before school sales) or note pad
-Magnetic Poetry words or word stickers or cards (write a variety of words on pieces of index cards or plain stickers)
-snack sized zipper bags
-book at reading level
-printable math worksheets at child's academic level
-printable spelling word lists at child's academic level

How to Use:

Print a summer calendar and attach to the inside of the notebook.

Math practice: Assign child to practice math facts, times tables or addition/subtraction facts three times a week for ten minutes. Child can choose the dice, cards, manipulatives, flashcards or worksheets to practice with.

Spelling: Assign students to practice spelling words three times a week for ten minutes each. Child may write his words or make words with letter beads.

Writing: Assign child to free write at least one paragraph three times weekly in his notebook. Ask that he also illustrate each piece after he's written.

Reading: Assign child to read for ten minutes three times a week at least.

The child should mark off on his calendar on each day he practices. He can use a simple code of R-read, W-write, S-spelling, M-math.

This summer reinforcement system can be used during travel, while waiting at the doctor's office, most anywhere. It will take the child only two hours of his summer week. Parents, older siblings or caregivers can easily check to see that work is completed. He can complete activities as his schedule allows. You may wish to reward successful completion of the summer reinforcement activities. For more lesson plans and homeschool activities, visit me at www.freelessonplans4u.blogspot.com.

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