Back-to-School Shopping: Bargains, Deals on Shoes

Back-to-School Shopping: Save Money at Amazon on School Shoes
What's the best way to give students a good understanding? Good quality school shoes. Ouch. But seriously, your friendly neighborhood penny pincher is always bargain hunting. And here are some back-to-school shoe bargains you'll love.
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Back-to-School Shopping: Good School Shoes

Back-to-School Shoe Shopping: How to Choose School Shoes for Children
School shoes are chosen more for fashion than comfort it seems. That's not healthy for growing legs, back and feet. Here is my back-to-school shoe shopping guide for stylish, comfortable, reasonably priced kids shoes.
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Back-to-School Shopping: Best Backpacks

Back-to-School Backpack Shopping: Best School Backpacks
Backpacks are a staple of back-to-school shopping. Backpacks are pricey. Backpacks usually become a portable locker. Backpacks are heavy and hard to carry. Here is a guide to follow when purchasing a backpack for your student.
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Back-to-School Shopping: Avoid Second Hand Stores

Back-to-School Shopping: Why You Should Avoid Second-Hand Stores
When you shop for back-to-school clothing for children, my advice is to avoid second-hand stores. I'm a penny pincher, but second-hand clothing isn't always a bargain. Sometimes it's not even sanitary or healthy.
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Back-to-School Shopping: Bargains at Old Navy

Back to School Shopping at Old Navy: Good Sales, Cute Styles and Quality Clothing
When I buy clothing, I rate the quality factor high priority. Here's the brand that I've found has the best ratio of cost to quality. Old Navy gives the most 'bang' for the buck. Great sales. Durable clothing. Cute styles.
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Back-to-School Shopping: Skinny Jeans Price Comparison

Back-to-School Shopping: Best Prices on Skinny Jeans
'Skinny Jeans' are the latest word in back-to-school clothing fashions. Skinny jeans are super snug, super narrow, very low-rise denim jeans. Here's my guide for finding good deals on skinny jeans.
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Back-to-School Shopping: Eye Exam

Back to School Eye Exam and Glasses from Wal-Mart
There's one oft-overlooked aspect of back to school preparation. We remember the school supplies, but forget the thing that can make or break school for a child. Good vision. Thank goodness for Wal-Mart Vision Center.
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Back-to-School Shopping: College Dorm Essentials

Back-to-School Dorm Room Essentials Shopping Guide
Here's my penny pincher's guide to getting the essentials for the dorm room at the lowest retail prices. This list includes the essentials, not the funsy-cutsy stuff. I'm looking for quality, not color or style.
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