Back to School Shopping: Gel Shoe Inserts

Back to School Shopping: Gel Shoe Inserts for School Shoes
Back to school shopping means finding good school shoes. Kids spend a lot of time on their feet, walking, running and playing. The most import part of school shoes shopping is to look for comfort. Shoe inserts make school shoes more comfortable.
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Where to Buy Cheap USB Flash Drives for Back to School and College

Where to Find Cheap USB Flash Drives for College
Several of our sons' college professors are requiring students in class to bring a portable USB or 'flash' drive to class. I did some price comparison shopping. Here are the best sources and buying options of USB drives.
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How to Save Money on Back to School Shopping and School Supplies

Back-to-School: School Supply Shopping for Penny Pinchers
If manufacturers and retail stores had their way with back-to-school shopping, parents would need to take out a bank loan to outfit and supply kids for school. I'm a teacher and I'll walk you through the real required school supply list.
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Back-to-School and College with Free NOOKstudy Download from Barnes and Noble

Back-to-School College Prep Activities: Free Barnes and Noble Nook Study Download
Each year more textbook choices become available for college students. Renting, e-textbooks and digital downloads are provide more options. Barnes and Noble offers a free download called 'NOOK Study', free e-books and homework help.
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