How a Mom of Four Saves 80 Percent on Back to School Shopping

Labor Day means children return to school. It also means back to school shopping. The Detroit News reported that parents would be spending more this year on BTS shopping--roughly $688 per child with clothing and school supplies. If you haven't finished shopping, don't worry. I've raised four children; here are dos and don'ts to save 80 percent on school supplies and clothing.

* Don't fall for all the back to school marketing ploys. Take advantage of sales, but wait to find out what your child's teacher actually requires. Take it from a teacher, many store school supply lists trick you into buying things you don't need. For the rest of the list, click here... How a Mom of Four Saves 80 Percent on Back to School Shopping 

Back to School Shopping--Comfortable, Modest Dress, Skirt Styles with Leggings

Modesty is a big word in girls' back to school fashions. Is the skirt too short? Does the dress length reach below the finger tips? Many skirt and dress buying considerations for parents? Here's a cute, comfortable style that allows girls to wear skirts regardless of length. Many schools, public and parochial, require girls to wear skirts and shorts that reach below the fingertips when the arms are placed along the side of the body. This guideline has been implemented by school authorities to prevent girls wearing short skirts, dresses and shorts that show off private areas when the child bends or stoops. Back to School Shopping: Comfortable, Modest Dress and Skirt Styles with Leggings

Free Back to School Haircuts, Backpacks, School Supplies, Immunizations

Odds are, if you're a kid in Detroit, school is rough. Odds are, your school could close. Odds are, your teacher may lose her job. Odds are you'll be in a class with 60 other kids. Median incomes in Michigan are dropping. Odds are, money is a problem. Unemployment is high. Odds are, someone in your family is out of work. The Detroit Back-to-School Festival is working to even those odds.

I wrote this article last year, but just checked the website and Greater Grace Temple will host a 2012 Back to School event August 14 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. These folks are just some kind of wonderful. Thanks, GGT--I don't know you but I love you. Read more at Detroit Back-to-School Festival Evens the Odds for Students and Families

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