Make Writing Pay Instead of Writing for Pay

I hear a lot of would-be freelancers talk about places that pay you to write. Now that kids are going back to school, it's an ideal time for work at home parents and SAHMs to think about making money online.
My approach, developed after eight years freelancing, is to make writing pay. Sound like the same thing? It's diametrically opposed. Instead of writing prescribed articles, I come up with the ideas and market it myself.

I've been offered ghost writing gigs. Content buyers have shopped ideas to me--I write it under their brand. Aka, I do the work for a fixed price and they reap the rewards (which could potentially be very high. Could be a bust, it is a risk.) Like Cyrano de Bergerac, I hide behind my pen, while Christian gets the girl. And Roxanne never knows it was my heart on the line.   Make Writing Pay Instead of Writing for Pay

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