Easy, DIY winter Olympics games for schools with free, cheap and recycled materials

Parents, homeschoolers and teachers are you sick of dealing kids stuck inside at recess this winter. Here’s a winter boredom buster: throw a Winter Olympics party in the playground or backyard. Play winter sports but extend the fun and learning with creative game variations. Here are safe, easy homemade winter games, snow and ice activities requiring no fancy equipment.

Boot skating: Sweep off an icy patch of pavement, or hose it down to make a rink. Demonstrate Olympic speed or figure “skating” by sliding in boots. Bundle kids so if they fall they won’t get hurt.

Broom hockey: combine boot skating and play snow hockey with old brooms or shovels. Use any old playground (basketball, 4-square, volley) balls. Allow no fights like pro hockey! This is the ultimate DIY Winter Olympics event.

Shovel Races: Make work into winter play and exercise. See who can shovel snow the fastest or make the neatest, clearest walks. Use snow shovels like shuffle board. Push playground ball toward a goal. Kids will love these fun backyard winter sports that simulate Winter Olympics. Parents and teachers will love that equipment for snow games is recycled and free.

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